Sunday, November 29, 2009

yay! Finally!

So I was wondering why I was getting so many sales on Etsy today...and found out I was listed on the front page...on a sunday...that is so awesome!!!!!!! it's only taken a year! finally!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cereal and the jumperoo already!!!!!!

Wow...time is just flying by! Boedy has already started eating cereal!!! I am giving it to him one week earlier than I am supposed too! He just loves it...I am not at all suprised though considering he has always had a love for milk thus far! We finally had a doctors appointment too....with the holidays and everything that had gone on...we kinda let the two month appointment slip! Boedy weighs a whopping 13 pounds exactly! He is just our little solid beefcake! He NEVER sits cracks me up because he is always bouncing all over the place...he has never once just fallen asleep on my shoulder like most babies do! So jerett decided to put him in the jumperoo ....and I couldn't believe it...he was just bouncing all over the much so that I had to read on the internet just to make sure it was ok at this age...for some reason I thought it is supposed to be a toy for 6 months and up! Most posts on the comments from babies r us were 4 months and that made me feel better...he is very strong! He already rolls over from front to back..which I thought was normal ...but apparently the doctor said that it is quite young! Watch out...I think I am going to have a very busy baby in the future!!! What can I say..he's our little chunky monkey!

Ethan is doing well too...he had his first report card from school! They get graded on a 1,2, and 3 scale.... 1 = I can, 2 = I am trying , and 3 needs improvement! He had 1's and 2's mixed accross the board and two 3's...
this is what his 1st report card read:

1 = Depends upon self, shows courtesy and consideration for others, obeys class rules,knows first and last name, works quietly and shares(we were shocked at that one!)

2= plays and works well with others, follows directions, developing hand eye cordination, meets people with unusual shyness, colors with control, does work carefully and neatly, communicates ideas

div>3= recognizes colors and works with scissors

We are so proud of him and know he works really hard in school...I almost wish it were 3 days a week because he loves it so much! We already had sign ups for next year and he will be attending the same age group and school...exciting!

Here are some video's and pictures of the boys!!!

The Month of LOVE.... I had to take advantage of my most favorite holiday..Valentines!!!! I really think it's because I have a love for the color pink and romance! Being in a house full of boys and least I can decorate my blog pink! lol! Speaking of pink... I have some great news!!! I am signing a deal tomorrow for a store space at the exhibitors mall on south hill puyallup! I will be featuring my baby boutique items as well as the photostars and birthday calendars! I am so thrilled but stressed at the same time! Call it luck...I just so happened to stop by when Ethan was in school on friday and one of the vendors is leaving march 1st...and it's one of the bigger and best booths! So I had to snag it! Now instead of meeting everyone with tutu's, stars and baby stuff I can have them just go to the store and buy it if they are local! I am also in the process of designing the store...I was thinking a french shabby chic theme with hot pink , crystals and black! It's great because I don't have to be there ....I pay them a portion of my profits plus monthly rent so it's a win win situation...although I do have to maintain everything !!!! All this hard work is finally paying off!!! I have been making pink tutu's like crazy this month...which brings me to thank my friends who have lent there daughters to me to take pictures ! These girls are just way too cute...I can hardly stand it! i am definately going to have to think of some boys stuff so I can feature the boys too! oh and how can I I sold a christmas tutu on ebay in december..turns out the lady that bought it is an AMAZING photographer named Jamie Ainsworth. She lives in New Orleans...I found her on facebook one day and we...I think have talked everyday since! She has an amazingly beautiful grandaugher and takes thee coolest photo' i told her that she could have anything she wanted for free in exchange for the photography...!!! We call eachother Pen Pals! It's been alot of fun..she has given me some good ideas ...I just sent her a zebra tutu that I will post pictures from...I can wait to send her more to see what she comes up with!!!! Thanks again Natalie(in LA), Marley and top models for "Prissy Piggies"! I also really want to thank my friends ..... for being supportive and promoting my business that I have been working so hard on!!! It means ya all! STAY TUNED for more pictures and updates.......

Saturday, January 31, 2009

sometimes we all need a little fresh air....

Well...sorry I haven't been writing much...our household is full of sickies!!! First it was the surgery (oh yeah..had my gallbladder taken out two weeks ago :) then Ethan and Jerett got sick...then passed to Boedy and me!!!! LOVELY!!!! Although I have to say....Boedy is still smiling and laughing while sick...this baby just amazes jerett and me!!!! oh and ps...I got an email this summer from my mother in law on using baby vicks vapor rub on the bottom of babys/children's feet to help them stop coughing and breath to sleep throught night when they are sick... it has worked 100%!!! I so wish I would have known this with Ethan...whom I think is going to be like his daddy with bad allergies! So things are starting to look on the up and up today...!

I decided when I woke up this morning after not being able to sleep...hence I only got 3 hrs last night and might make some typo's...excuse me!.... We were going to go out and get some fresh air today ! So Ethan got to get a special happy meal and eat lunch and play at the park! So we headed down to a school that I grew up playing at ...a few blocks from my parents house. Uncle Brandon met us down there...and my mom who swore she had to get stuff done today ....couldn't help herself and stopped by for a bit! It was freezing but crisp and sunny...what we all needed!!!!

Then we went back to Nana and Papa's house to warm up and visit....poor E... got his riding stick horse out and fell down trotting along and split his lip pretty good...of course...since I am going to get pictures done this week! He was a trooper...any bigger and I would have definately would have had to take him in for stiches....he's a tough one! Then we decided while Boedy was asleep ...E and I would go valentines shopping...we had so much fun... I can't remember the last time it was just him and I spending some QT time with out Boedy....I have to do that more often for sure!
Which reminds me... most of you know I have been working on a baby business this past Ethan knows all about TUTU's...and when I have to work and make them.... so he came up the other morning when I was sewing and said..." working on your TUTU's?" I said "yes son" He said..."Mom...they are just Wunner-ful and you are beautiful"....holy cow did that make me was just the most sincere, cutest thing ever! Made me really think about all the times when I have been stressed out working on stuff for the business in my own world and forget that he is just so patient and really pays attention to what I do....I love love love him to pieces! Really made me think again how important family is and they are your biggest supporters! E always says... "We are all Shrek the halls"!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am so behind.....

Hello ! I am so behind in here it goes...! We had Ethan's first christmas concert two weekends ago! It was cancelled in December due to the snow...and almost cancelled again due to the flooding! This is the first time in 41 years the pre-school had to re-scheduele the concert! Needless to say was completely adorable and brought tears to all of our eyes! Our little man Ethan is growing up so fast! He is a reindeer in the back row of the the middle...and so! He is doing so well with school and loves it! His teachers really love him's bad when they say to him at the door " come on ethan...we need our Ethan fix today"...I just know he has them wrapped around his fingers! Here are some pictures and video's! papa and E ..good luck! great grandma and grandpa aunt barb and E all the little cute!!! little brother and dad... sorry...I didn't know I was off on the camera for awhile!

Jingle was too cute..they were so quiet until this song!
We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!!!

giggling babies..the best!

here's our happy little giggly baby!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rain, Rain go away....!

So today was quite a day....there seems to be flooding everywhere! So of course we stayed couped up inside ALL day!!!! We were really looking forward to school starting again tomorrow...including myself and but found out tonight it's cancelled! Mother nature is just not liking us here in Washington.

Boedy is really starting to discover things now. He is starting to grab objects and really coming into his personality...I think he is going to be really laid back. He is just the best baby...again..I thought Ethan was a really great baby but I didn't know it could get better! He is just smiling all the time...he likes to talk back ....his favorite toy is his floor gym...he loves talking to the sunshine that sits at the's too cute! could I forget...he also started rolling over! Yesterday we had a little mishap....Jerett was cooking in the kitchen....I had just changed Boedy (big blowout that required a change of clothes!). I layed him on the couch and ran upstairs with Ethan to grab some clothes..and in a matter of a minute Boedy scooched himself off the couch. I heard a cry and ran downstairs as did Jerett from the kitchen to find poor Boedy in a face plant...thank god he was ok...not a mark on him...I think he must have some pretty good angels :) Jerett and I felt needless to say the rest of the night was dedicated to holding Boedy 24/7~ poor, poor more heights for him...and straps and buckles here we come! I guess he is not the new, new born anymore. It's funny my sister in-law told me that you don't want your second child to grow up as fast and to stay the baby....which I am finding out is so true! I used to read and read and know every milestone that was coming with Ethan...we couldn't wait for him to do the next step...with Boedy I haven't read anything....I don't even remember what they are "supposed" to do at this age...we just continue to enjoy the baby-ness as we are finding out with E that they just grow up too fast!

Today we were playing around in the living room...and Ethan laid next to Boedy on the was cute..Boedy kept reaching over and accidentally hitting Ethan....I had a glimpse of what is to come of brothers! I can and can't wait until the day they get to play together and talk. I always wished I had a sister biologically....(No offense Brandon~!) I think it's going to be so awesome to have two sons that will hopefully be best friends when they grow up. It sort of makes me sad that we live so far away from Jerett's Brother....I know how much they love each other , it must be hard to not live so close together.

Hopefully tomorrow the weather will get better and we can venture out....the poor dog is going crazy with Ethan trying to ride her like a horse all the you can see in the's a love hate relationship...we are the only girls in the house you know!

I better sign off for goal was to be in bed by 1am tonight...obviously that didn't happen....(ps....i just got done watching the Barbara Walters special on Patrick Swayze...did anyone see that and bawl there eyes out like me?